Mas Airline

MAS Airlines, Malaysian Airline System Berhad, or Malaysian Airlines is the main airline of Malaysia. This airline started its work more than three decades ago to make sure that people have a safe flight available to them in Malaysia. There were times of unprofitability in the middle which caused the business to stop altogether but then it came back as better than ever to compensate for its past. It operates from the capital city of Malaysia called Kaula Lampur. The headquarters for the airlines are also situated in this city. The second hub is located in both the cities of Kota Kinabalu and Kuching. MAS Airlines operate flights all across the globe owning both domestic and International flights. They operate 118 across country flights and 114 International ones. They mainly focus on Asia but also have airlines flying to the Middle East, Australia, North America, and Europe. Two years ago in 2011 Malaysia Airlines formed an agreement with Air Asia where both of them joined alliances. Other than flights MAS also deals with aircraft maintenance, overhauls, and repairs regarding air planes. Cargo is also shipped to various parts of the world. The colors which represent the company include blue, red, and white. These colors represent the feeling of trust, high class standards, and safety associated with the business.

MAS Airlines have a very friendly staff on board which are there to help out the passengers in every way possible. This excellent staff is specifically chosen to make sure that the passengers a great journey whether the destination is close by or far. They are so great in fact that the Malaysia Airlines have won ‘The Best Cabin Staff in the World Award’ by Skytrax UK 4 years in a row .The air planes themselves are very comfortable with nice leather chairs. There is enough legroom space for all types of people. The entertainment provided on the plane ride is first class and includes an inbuilt TV set on chairs and Nintendo games. You can watch all the latest released movies for free on the TV set. Portable media players are also provided if music is what you wish to hear on your journey.

You can choose between first class seats, Economy class, and Business Class depending on whatever suits you best with your financial means. MAS Airlines also has a Kids Corner for both children and infants. Children are provided additional snacks and light refreshment as per their wishes. Even if a child is traveling alone, the airlines have a Special Assistance Crew, which can provide reassurance, guidance, and a feeling of safety and comfort to the minor children.

People who are flying with any sort of disabilities are given extra special treatment so that they are comfortable. You have a special Chef-on-Call provided to you if you decide that this is something you want beforehand. You can also get special meal requests. All the meals are made by great chefs and taste as fresh as ever. MAS Airlines provide a truly great experience in traveling which should not be missed out on so choose these airlines for all your travel purposes!